Quality System

Hygienic Standards

Our signature products, wet towels are produced in a sophisticated dust-free 100K Clean Room, within a ISO 9001:2000 and GMP compliant manufacturing facility. Both product and packaging undergo strict quality control to ensure the highest quality and hygiene standards are met. Evidently, this is why we have received and continue to receive numerous hygiene and quality certifications.

Quality & Safety Assurance

Aside from wet towel products, Freshening is also involved in developing a vast variety of Foodservice and hygiene products for its own network and beyond. We have a Quality Control division in our headquarters in Singapore and Foshan, China to work with our production partner, where random but persistent checks take place to ensure all Freshening products meet if not surpass the quality requirements set. Regular product tests are also carried out through an international laboratory in Singapore, to ensure product safety and compliance to international standards.

Research & Development

Research and development forms a major part of our business operations. We place paramount emphasis on this matter of crucial importance to ensure all our operations and products are of sustainable and positive profiles.

We also work with many experts worldwide to develop new products, new packaging and new methods as well as to assess and enhance the profiles of our existing products on a continuous basis.

These partners include printers, manufacturers, laboratories, technology companies, universities, ingredient and formulation specialists, raw material and machinery suppliers.