Tentang Kami


Freshening Holding Pte Ltd adalah perusahaan induk yang mengembangkan produk tissue basah melalui usaha bisnis di Singapura dan di luar. Sebagai pusat Freshening Global, mengelola dan memberikan dukungan keahlian untuk jaringan global kemitraan bisnisnya . Freshening Holding adalah pemilik  semua merek yang didirikan dan dirancang untuk berbagai segmen pasar. Hal ini juga bertanggung jawab untuk pemilihan dan penunjukan mitra dan distributor.

Saat ini Freshening telah hadir di Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong dan China melalui Freshening  Holding.  Produk kami dapat ditemui di lebih dari 35 negara di seluruh dunia. Melalui merek kami jelas dirancang untuk berbagai segmen, kami menyambut Anda untuk bergabung dengan kami untuk menyegarkan DUNIA.

Freshening di Indonesia beroperasi dengan PT Freshening Indonesia. Demikian juga, mulai sebagai kantor penjualan Freshening Smartowel namun penjualan mendapatkan respon yang sangat bagus untuk memungkinkan perusahaan membangun fasilitas produksi dan distribusi.

Dengan kesuksesan ini, Freshening Indonesia menjadi perusahaan yang menyediakan Produk dan Jasa di sektor Food & Beverage, Perhotelan dan Rumah Sakit.

Freshening Indonesia

Freshening Indonesia operates under the name of PT Freshening Indonesia. Likewise, it began as a sales office of Freshening Smartowels but sales surpassed expectations within the year to enable the company to run its own production facility.

On the heels of its resounding success, Freshening Indonesia ventured into Food Services Product Distribution in 2012.  As the present Smartowel clientele is also the potential users of Freshening Food Services Products, this market will grow further through the expansion of Smartowel network.

Freshening Singapore (HQ)

Freshening Industries Pte. Ltd. serves as the group manufacturing hub and is the centre for product research and development of Freshening Wet Towels. It also ensures that all products under the Freshening flagship adhere to stringent international standards.

From the modest beginnings in a little shop lot in Eunos, Freshening Singapore expanded and relocated to Kallang . Further rapid expansion warranted a third relocation to bigger premises, currently at Loyang. The distribution of Freshening food services products and Freshening hygiene products in Singapore has gained astounding footholds in more than 3,000 food services, healthcare and hospitality facilities, all through its own direct distribution network. The retail brand had also established its strong hold in Singapore.

Freshening Malaysia

Three years of impressive sales propelled and shaped this Freshening Sales Office in 2006 into Freshening Industries (M) Sdn Bhd in 2009.

Freshening Malaysia manages and develops FOCstore.com concept store together with Malaysia’s leading horeca & hygiene products wholesaler, OB Tech Corporation. Also houses Freshening Branding Centre (FBC) which reports to its Global Headquarters in Singapore.

With its own accomplished, talented team – brand designer & product developer – the FOCstore team is tasked to deliver house brand products that is developed and customized specially for the South East Asia region, with impactful creative concepts in packaging design, brand and product positioning, lending its invaluable marketing know-how to extend Freshening’s business frontiers.

Freshening Hong Kong

Started in early 2006, Freshening Hong Kong continues to perform as Freshening Singapore’s main marketing arm in Hong Kong and Macau. Here, Freshening HK’s vast pool of reputable clients include the United Italian Group, Tao Heung Group, Cathay Pacific Airlines . It also includes most of the casinos in Macau through the collaboration with a local partner.

Concurrent aggressive marketing and promotional activities promote ZAPPY products in the Hong Kong retail market, where our Made in Singapore wipes have received tremendous response from the local and China mainland consumers. It is an on-going Freshening challenge in meeting the expectations of these discerning customers who are on the constant look out for trusted brands of high quality imported products